Decluttering Your Workspace

declutter your workspace
March 14, 2023

Because your surroundings impact your state of mind, it’s no wonder that you often feel overwhelmed and unproductive when trying to work in a cluttered environment. But the opposite is also true. An organized workspace translates into an organized mind.

If you want to improve your mental health and productivity, declutter your workspace. These 8 tips can help you get organized, reduce stress, and boost your mood.

Create a filing system. Loose paperwork and old mail can get out of hand fast. Start by sorting through stacks of papers, throwing away anything that is no longer relevant or necessary. Then create a system for documents you need to keep handy. Finally, identify those that you need to keep, but rarely need to access. Those can go into remote storage if you’re short on space in your office.

Give everything a good cleaning. Dust and disinfect everything you touch on a regular basis, such as surfaces, your keyboard and mouse, pens, and so on. It never hurts to reduce the presence of bacteria and viruses.

Go digital. Create a digital filing system so that you can keep important documents handy and accessible from any device. Just remember to back up this system securely and use strong passwords for cloud storage accounts.

Make a to-do list. If you have old reminder notes, unanswered correspondence, and unpaid bills piling up, make a list. Then deal with them one by one, according to importance.

Clean the hidden areas. Remove your rugs and clean them outdoors to remove built-up dust, and then thoroughly clean the floor underneath. Use compressed air to remove dust from your computer and keyboard. Clean out drawers and throw away unused items. You’ll feel organized and at peace when you know the unseen dirt and clutter is gone.

Buy a plant. You might be amazed at the difference one or two plants can make. Plants provide clean oxygen and contribute to a natural ambiance, helping you to enjoy your workspace more.

Investigate your storage options. If you require storage for hard copies of files, work equipment, or other bulky items, come tour our units. We offer a variety of sizes and affordable options to meet your needs. We are committed to friendliness, cleanliness, peace of mind, and customer care of the highest caliber.