Learning to Dance in the Rain

dancing in the rain
May 13, 2023

When you’re caught in a storm, it can feel as though it will never end. But as we all know, nothing stays the same forever. Storms end, the sun comes out again, and life goes on. For this too shall pass.

You might have figured out that we’re not really talking about the weather here. It’s fine enough to know that the storm will eventually end, and to wait it out. That’s the first step to surviving bad times in life. But what if you could learn to dance in the rain?

The following tips can help you to stay positive, and find something to enjoy in life, no matter what else is going on around you:

Look for the lesson. We often ask, “Why is this happening to me?” Instead, try asking, “Why is this happening for me?” In other words, what is the lesson at this part in your life?

Focus on what you can control. Part of your distress comes from feeling out of control, and feeling as if we don’t have any choices. Make a list of things you can control and choices you can make. Even if they are small, they are a starting point.

Get outside. TV and phone screens actually alter our brain patterns and hardwire us for anxiety. Unplug from technology and get outside. Take off your shoes and listen to the sounds of nature. Allow yourself to just be.

Be the light for someone else. When your own situation feels too dark to handle, shine a light for someone else. Helping another person through their own struggles takes the focus off of your own and helps you to feel connected again.

Practice gratitude. Each day, name one thing for which you feel grateful. Even if it’s something small, count it. If it’s something silly, name it and laugh.

Try something new. Do something you’ve never done before, or at least something outside your usual routine. Try a new food, attend a comedy show, or visit the puppies and kittens at an animal shelter.

Develop an opportunity mindset. Change is hard, but it’s also an opportunity to do something different with your life. Now is the time to decide upon an entirely new direction, if you choose. Maybe it’s time to revisit an old dream, or develop a new one.