April 7, 2022
Benefits of a Temperature-Controlled Unit

When deciding between a temperature-controlled storage unit and a standard unit, you’ll first want to consider what you’re storing, the kinds of materials they’re made from, and the weather conditions where you live.

A temperature-controlled storage unit is a great option to consider when storing sensitive items such as leather furniture, wooden furniture, artwork, instruments, or household appliances. According to industry standards, temperature-controlled units are generally kept no lower than 55 degrees and no warmer than 80 degrees which in this range, is best for protecting items from any drastic temperature fluctuations.

Another benefit of a temperature-controlled unit is the fact that these interior units offer an additional barrier from dust to help protect your stored items. In most cases, the cost to properly store items can be less than the cost to replace them.

Storing your belongings in a temperature-controlled unit offers peace of mind knowing your belongings are kept inside with less exposure to the elements, and dust, and kept away from extreme temperature fluctuations during cold winter months and the hot summer months.