Six Ways We Provide Our Customers with Peace of Mind

Custom coded gate entry
March 2, 2023

During any stage of transition in life, it’s normal to feel anxious about all of the things that could possibly go wrong. That’s why we’re committed to making sure your services with us go right! But to ease your mind further, we provide our customers with peace of mind in six very important ways.

Private keypad entry. No one comes onto our property unless they’re supposed to be there and have gained an access code from us. This rule keeps us all safer, along with your belongings that you have stored on the premises.

Over 30 surveillance cameras. In the event that anything untoward did occur on property, our 30 surveillance cameras will record the details. Of course, cameras mostly work as a deterrent to crimes, and their mere presence generally discourages any sort of wrongdoing.

Individual door alarms. Each storage facility door is equipped with an alarm, so we will know instantly if anyone attempts to enter your unit.

Private hallway, keypad entries. No one can even access your hallway without the appropriate keypad code. This level of protection helps to minimize unnecessary contact with other clients and affords you privacy when accessing your unit.

Wide driveway and aisles for easy access. No worries about excessive hassles while moving items into, or out of, your unit! Our wide driveway and aisles make moving a breeze.

Gate access every day of the year 7 AM to 7 PM. You will be able to access your possessions on absolutely any day of the year. And with extended hours, you can easily fit this chore into your schedule. As always, we strive to provide friendliness, cleanliness, and peace of mind. Call us to schedule a tour of our facility, and you will see why self-storage with us is so easy and worry-free.