The Power of Movement Will Help You Thrive

January 23, 2023

During certain stages in life, it’s common to feel stuck in survival mode. But that’s not where you want to stay, and there’s no rule saying you must. In fact, you can “move” your way out of survival mode and into thrive mode! Of course, the first step is to quite literally take a step. When we’re not feeling our best, exercise (or even leaving the house) can feel like such a challenge. It might feel as though you physically can’t do it… You might have to hack your own brain in order to feel motivated. These techniques can help:

● Order a new pair of athletic shoes. Try them on as soon as they arrive. Take them for a spin around the block.

● Make plans with a friend. Just something simple like walking to the coffee shop will do. Moral support can help, and you will want to follow through on a commitment.

● Offer to walk a neighbor’s dog. Having a furry companion might alleviate any anxiety you’re feeling.

● Drive to a favorite scenic location. The beauty of nature is soothing to our souls, and once you arrive at the beach or a favorite hiking trail, you might feel motivated to go for a walk.

● Promise yourself five minutes of movement. If you feel like you can’t commit to a twenty-minute walk, what about just five? When you start to enjoy it, you can always keep going.

● Play some happy tunes. Whether you’re headed out for a walk or just hanging out at home, your favorite upbeat tunes can get your toes tapping and make you feel like moving.

● Take a small child on an outing. Children are thrilled by such simple activities; going out for ice cream or buying a balloon are simple pleasures, and the enthusiasm is contagious.

● Volunteer at a nursing home or visit an elderly relative. Take seniors for walks, listen to their stories, and maybe even gain new perspectives on life. You will feel appreciated, and that’s a confidence boost for anyone. And of course, remember that sunlight boosts happy hormones and promotes mental health. Any movement is good for you but get outdoors whenever possible for that extra little burst of dopamine.

We hope 2023 sees you moving out of survival mode and into thrive mode! In the meantime, remember we’re here to encourage you to thrive, not just survive!