We Can Help You Move in More Ways Than One at Our New Fitness Amenity

Gym equipment
April 27, 2023

Research has repeatedly demonstrated not only the physical benefits of exercise, but the mental and emotional benefits as well. So as much as we might want to “veg out” during stressful times, movement can actually become the key to surviving and healing. As the saying goes, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going!”

Major life changes can bring stress, excitement, fear, anxiety, and a mix of other emotions, both good and bad. Even positive emotions can sometimes lead to feelings of burnout. Taking care of your mental and emotional health during times of transition is more important than ever. And one of the ways we do that is by moving.

Yes, you might be moving your home and indeed your entire life, but you should still focus on moving your body! Regular exercise is shown to fight depression, soothe anxiety, and keep stress at bay. When you seek out regular movement of any type, you’re likely to sleep better at night and enjoy more energy during the day. Best of all, you’ll feel more centered and in control of your life.

Our goal is not just to assist you with practical matters, but also to help you thrive during these times. That's why, in addition to our self-storage facilities, we’ve now opened a new gym for our customers at the Temescal Valley location.

Our facility includes:
● A brand-new, all-inclusive workout machine from Jacked Up Fitness
● Barbells
● Weighted balls for core strengthening
● Stretching mats

Now, as your life takes a new direction, you can take better control over all aspects of your health. Give us a call to learn more about our new gym and how you can access the facility. We’ll be happy to give you a tour and help you get started on a path to healing.

Our new fitness amenity is for customers of our Ranch RV & Self-Storage - Temescal Valley location only, located at 14500 Temescal Canyon Rd, Lake Elsinore, and will be available to our customers starting May 1, 2023.

All customers interested in using our new fitness amenity can call (951) 307-9557 to make an appointment, go over the rules, and sign a waiver with our staff. Our hours are M-F 9 am to 4 pm.